Monday, January 19, 2009

Stop and Smell the Roses

I feel like posting something incredibly happy :) It snowed last night, so the view from my window is beautiful- a white blanket across 5 acres of grass, woods, and water. The sun peeking over the trees. It is gorgeous! Also, my candle is about to completely burn up- it's gotten so low that there is no longer any hard wax in the jar, just vanilla scented oil. And my room smells divine. There's something about candles sitting next to old, worn Bibles that makes me smile. I had a great morning with my Savior, I'm having a great hair day, I just got off the phone with my best friend (who also happens to be my sweet boyfriend), I'm getting ready to spend some time with my family at our favorite Chinese restaurant, and then I'm spending quality time with two of my best girlfriends on the planet- Jordan Mac & Kristen. Life is so beautiful right now!

If only I could share this happiness with some people who don't have meaning to life. If only there was even just one person that I could brighten their day- what a privilege that would be!Sometimes I get so caught up in running along the path in the routine and duties of life that I never stop to smell the roses; appreciating what God has placed right before me to enjoy. I realized that this morning when, snowed into my house with no place to go and nowhere to be, my dad and I just sat at the kitchen counter and ate our favorite cereals together, talking about small things and simply enjoying the morning.

So, moral of the story is... enjoy life. Make the most of every day. Charge yourself throughout the day with Scripture and thankfulness to God for what He's given you. Stop along your busy journey to smell the roses. You truly are blessed!

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