About Mrs. Dahl

Who am I?

In the midst of busy routines and noisy clatter, I seek quiet places. I am a newlywed, elementary ESL teacher, Etsy shop owner/aspiring seamstress, and constantly a learner of Grace. I've left pieces of my heart tucked in crevices of Balinese and Andes mountains and lying on the unpaved roads of West African villages. I like to think that my heartfelt ponderings could be cooped up in a pretty-looking, gold-laced box that would stay latched until I have mulled them over enough and mustered the courage to set them free for others to see. That's what I want-- to be able to communicate with others what I'm learning about Christ and love and life and teaching and faith, and to do so in a way that helps us believe we can delight in Him.

Will you join me?