Monday, September 30, 2013

Worship (Day 1): Who has time for it?

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There's something about Sunday morning worship. Maybe it's the fellowship, or maybe it's the great teachers and singers who just nail it. You sit down in the pew, worship through song, and wonder why you didn't do this all week long because it is just so good to worship Him in that moment.

Monday morning begins, and the crazy begins yet again. The moments of joyous worship on Sunday become but a blur amongst all of the other things vying for your attention... how in the world are you supposed to remember to be in constant worship when daily life is anything but calm?!

This is for the person who longs to worship, but has no idea how.

This is for the person who has a cramped schedule and a crowded mind.

This is for people like me, who must find ways to creatively wedge worship into the little things... because there's no way my school day allows time for a 30-minute praise & worship session.

This is for anyone who has ever said "I love Him, and I want to be in constant worship, but it's just so hard to remember."

I'll be seeking and finding answers to the questions of "What is worship?" and "How can I make time to remember?" for 31 days in October, along with others at The Nesting Place. I'd love your input and your comments as I work it out!

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  1. LOVE this blog post -- it is an issue we all face; will be praying for you as you journey through this 31 days of WORSHIP ...

    1. I agree! It seems to be made so commonplace but it's so so important... can't wait :)

  2. YES! LOVE this topic. I'm 31-daying it too! Can't wait to walk alongside you in this writing challenge!!


    1. I believe worshiping in the little things goes hand-in-hand with living intentionally... excited to see what you have to say!