Saturday, October 26, 2013

Worship (Day 25): Sustainer

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I do not have a green thumb. I've killed succulents (the "unkillable" plant), if that tells you anything. It's amazing to me that I've been able to keep our love fern alive since our wedding, and in fact-- it's flourishing! I may not be able to keep a plant alive, but I sure am good at watching it grow.

Today, I'm thankful that the Lord can sustain everything in creation. He provides water for the plants, sunlight to warm our house with the broken heater, and rich nutrients in the ground to grow those beautiful plants (and gnarly weeds). This creation needs nothing from me-- it's all given by Him. So as I look out my classroom window, or on our front porch at the love fern (growing strong), I worship Him for the things He provides to sustain us.

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