Sunday, October 13, 2013

Worship (Day 13): What it's not

 If you're reading my 31-day series on Worship for the first time, consider clicking over here to my Day 1 post to see the introduction and to find the rest of the posts in the series!

May your Sunday morning worship be anything but careless.

May your worship be focused, intentional, and public. May you focus your affections on Him, seeking first to magnify His grandeur with words and deeds that flow from your heart.

May you be nothing like the Israelites, who literally sniffed at God and said "what a weariness this is" (Malachi 1). May the movement of your lips in corporate worship not come from boredom, but from a raging heartflow that cannot be dammed up or restrained. And when it does feel boring or contrived... simply listen. And remember that worship, at its core, is being a mirror that reflects His truths right back to Him.

"For the heart is always restless. It must have its treasure: if not in heaven, then on earth" (Piper). This Sunday morning, may your treasure be in heaven and your heart rested in the soft wrinkles of His right hand. And worship.

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