Sunday, October 6, 2013

Worship (Day 6): Sunday mornings

If you're reading my 31-day series on Worship for the first time, consider clicking over here to my Day 1 post to see the introduction and to find the rest of the posts in the series!

It's Sunday, the day that worship comes the easiest because there is a whole hour set aside for it.

May your Sunday be full of meaningful worship-- the kind where the goodness of God is spoken of in fellowship, remembered in song, and heard in preaching. Don't let this intentional morning of worship pass by without those things.

And as you go from your Sunday morning song-and-fellowship, know that the worship doesn't stop there:

"As you go, may you know the love of Christ
How deep and long, how high and wide
As you leave, may you seek to win the prize
And find His death to be your life

May you go in the love of your Father God
May you go in the grace of Christ
May you go in the power of the Spirit now
To bring Him glory with your life

As you go, may you know the pow’r of grace
His very strength for what’s to come
As you leave, may you feel His mighty hand
Guiding your steps in the race you run

As you go, may you show His heart to bless
The ones with less, the blind and lost
As you leave, may you be the light of Christ
And show our hope is in the cross"

-"As You Go" by Sovereign Grace Music

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