Friday, February 27, 2009

Dancing through Life

Today is an absolutely beautiful day. I'm loving the change in pace from 'blah' weather to a bright, cheery spring day! I had the fantastic opportunity today to hang out with a high school friend who is on campus for the weekend. She has always had a way of making me smile, bringout the goofy side in me that most other people don't usually experience to the fullest. Her happy personality brought a smile back to my face; she uncovered the Emily that was most evident in high school.

I feel like being at college has made me more mature. Not that I am such a great adult or anything, but that I have mellowed out in a sense. I have always tried to surround myself with people that are happy and crazy, but I think that since I have come to WKU that has changed. Because my parents aren't physically here, I have gravitated more towards older, mature people that can stand in for my mom & dad. And while that has been a blessing, it's also put a little damper on the bubbly, crazy Emily that people knew in high school!

So all that to say, my friend's visit today got me thinking. I am going to make the most of my college years. I am going to dance in the rain, say stupid things, and laugh until my sides hurt with crazy friends. Call us immature, but I call it exciting! You only have one college experience, and I don't want to spend all of it trying to be an adult. I don't want college to be simply a resume-builder. That being said, I am applying to be a Spirit Master and that would put me in a situation to act a tad more mature. But why does everything in life have to be so serious?

So, in the words of Wicked, one of my most favorite musicals everrrr, keep on "dancing through life!" God gave me this beautiful day for some reason, and I think it was so I could realize the beautiful life He's given me! Thank Him for life by enjoying life!!

Now, about those Samoas... I could use one right about now!

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  1. emily don't grow up! but i know what you mean? i can't remember the last time that i did something like Joe or "would you like a bon bon?" i miss that so so much! but you know what? that doesn't mean that it has to stop! i agree with you! college shouldn't be a resume builder...carpe diem right?