Friday, August 14, 2009

What a Lovely Day. Thanks God.

After almost a week of sitting around the house eating ice cream & ramen, I finally had my first real day of social interaction this morning! It felt so good to drive my new little car around Louisville meeting up with people and getting things done.

After Bible study at Panera, getting lost in Babies R Us, falling asleep in the car waiting for Whole Foods Market to open (I got an early start to the day...), & a Starbuck's tea with a friend, I was able to go drop off a box of supplies at an international center called Americana Community Center.

How I wish Americana could move with me when I leave for school! It is everything I would want in a future job. They welcome in diverse people from Louisville, mostly refugees or immigrants, helping them with everything from learning English to growing their own garden. I was introduced to Americana as an upcoming high school senior, when as a GSP student we volunteered there once or twice. I didn't really even think about that place again until recently, as God has begun to lay upon my heart a passion for international people and ESL (English as a Second Language). When I brought that box of leftover school supplies that wouldn't fit in my suitcase to take to Bali, chills literally ran up my spine. Women draped in ornamented Muslim clothes and little almond-eyed toddlers were everywhere. What a great way to reach the nations right here in my hometown!

I am so so so so thankful for all the opportunities God has recently opened up to me for serving the nations. I could go on about all of them, but I'll spare you- the list is pretty long! I am just so excited to be the hands & feet of Christ. That's all.

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