Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Kingdom of God about to Break Loose!

We have a faithful God. I serve a faithful God. Why do I doubt? Why am I full of mistrust? I have been one to nearly give up on those with hardened hearts. I have felt hopeless, saddened, and helpless. But there is truth in the Bible when it says:

"So is my word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to me empty, but
will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it."-
Isaiah 55:11

I received news tonight that I cannot help but share with every single person that may minutely resemble a prayer warrior... because it concerns a people group that I care about deeply and a cause that I have surrendered my life for- that is, the Gospel.

The Kingdom is near on that island... gives me chill bumps!! Read the story, praise God, and get on your knees in expectant & fervent prayer!

Kingdom of God about to Break Loose!!
“This is hard soil. Will these people ever listen and understand?” This was thought a few times too many by a child of God until the Lord spoke and said, “Why are you being like the 10 spies who came back in fear of the Canaanites instead of trusting in the Lord their God? Why don’t you believe in your God like Joshua and Caleb did? Haven’t I already promised the nations: ‘People from every tribe, nation, and tongue?”
A year and a half ago we began to ride our bikes up the mountain from our house and pray for God to move in power and bring salvation to the people in that village. But because of the steep hill, we could never make it to the top. Three months ago, after getting a motorcycle, we finally made it to the top. Out of worship to the Lord came the first relationship in the village, the first in road. In the past three months we have frequented that village and worked alongside the people, been to weddings and met many people, and sat at their homes drinking coffee and talking.
After building a few relationships, we began to test out some truth stories to see if there was any openness. It was well received, unlike most every other previous encounter of sharing truth in other places. Because of the openness, we began sharing about a 12 minute creation to Christ story. The first family to hear stayed fixed on the story the whole time and at the end actually said they liked it. The man even told me that his friend that we had shared some with before wanted to hear more. The usual response is “There is one God but many roads to get to him. What you and I believe is all the same.” This is the first time we have heard anything different.
Circumstances kept us from going back to that village for about 2 and ½ weeks. When we finally went back, we shared with the man who had requested more. His family’s eyes were glued to us as we told creation to Christ and they were in deep thought mode the whole time!! He commented about how good the stories were and didn’t understand why his ancestors had not passed the stories down.
Afterwards, the same day, we visited another man’s house. At that house there were 6 adults who sat down to listen to our story. At the end, one old man said that he wanted to hear more and that we could come back anytime!!
Two days later, we went back and shared with 3 generations of men in the same family. The oldest was a priest. Again, they were so drawn to these stories that it was absolutely amazing. Again we were met with incredible response of wanting to hear more and that the stories explained some things that they hadn’t known before!! As we left their house, we stopped by the house of one whom had already heard. During the conversation, he mentioned that he had shared the stories with another man! Furthermore, his uncle wanted a copy of the Word. We asked if we had already met his uncle. He said we had and we then remembered. We asked why his uncle wanted the Word because we had never shared with his uncle. He replied, “I am the one who shared with him. I told him the same stories you told me.”
Isaiah said that God’s word will not return void but will accomplish what He desires it to accomplish. We didn’t ask that man to share the stories with others but the power of the Word of God compelled him to do so!! The Kingdom of God has drawn near to this village and is about to bust wide open! If you want to be a part of what God is doing here, then be fervent in your prayer and advance the Kingdom in this village through your prayers made in faith, believing and not doubting.
This world only offers us sham jewels. There is no greater joy than knowing more and more of Christ and making him known. Nothing compares. We must surrender all and take hold of Christ every day. No one who has ever let go of all to take hold of Christ has regretted it, but only whishes he had done it sooner.
His Kingdom Come!! No Place Left!! Finishing what others have started!! Claiming what has already been promised!!

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