Sunday, March 21, 2010

Live Love

There is a new and exciting thing in my life that I have failed to convey to many people... I am spending an entire summer as a team leader for CentriKid camps! Compared to the previous summer happenings, I find it a little strange to be able to know and share every single detail about my summer with anyone who cares to know, and also to be paid for it. I am excited!
I have to say though, my attitude about the summer has not been the best recently. I have been very negative about the distance I will travel and the small details that have been annoying me. Honestly, I just hadn't been very excited... until this weekend.

I helped out at a D-now for churches around Bowling Green intended for middle school & high school students, spending the weekend with a group of 6th-grade girls. The events of the weekend encouraged me and softened my heart, and they made me realize all over again just why exactly I signed up for CentriKid in the first place. The Lord knew that I needed this weekend to completely revamp my excitement for working with kids, and I am so thankful for that blessing!

Slowly, with baby steps, I'm finding my way back to where and who I was once. We may take ten steps in the wrong direction, but Christ has a way of always pulling us back onto that narrow road to walk alongside Him... and it feels so good to be near Him again.

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