Wednesday, June 2, 2010


It's been a strange summer break for me. After charging home at breakneck speed after an encounter with forgetfulness and domination of a French test, I was able to spend some time with sweet friends from high school and THEN see most of my family at a graduation celebration for my dear sister. It's hard to describe my attachment to home. There's something about going back to the familiar and comfortable, where everybody really does know your name, that is so happy and cozy.I like to come home to my super-size family and see how much taller my brother has become (he's taller every time), how many more curtains Mom has put up, and what other articles of clothing my sister has conveniently moved from my closet to her own. Also, I like our couches- they're comfy. And yummy food.

I like to see my friends from high school- they make me laugh. I don't get to catch up often with them, but I love when we do. It's funny that, no matter how much time we spend apart, we can pick back up right where we left off and still laugh our heads off and encourage each other! It does make me sad that I can't see them more often, though. There are few friends in this world that I know genuinely love me for me, and my friends from home are those kind of friends.

There is some kind of comfort to going home that you just can't get from any other person or place when you're away. It's strange that I am rarely in my hometown ever anymore; I guess that's another passage right to growing up. Weekends home are always overwhelming because of all the familiar faces and places all at once, but I love every second of it! Attending the sister's high school graduation this weekend made me think about where I was just 2 years ago. It's crazy that life has changed so much in such a short amount of time! I am very, very thankful for the people who raised me up to who I am today- the people I will always remember as molding or building the foundation for my personality, character, faith, and desires. My family, my friends, my church, my school... I extra-appreciated it all this weekend, if that's a word. And I'm thankful :)

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