Saturday, September 4, 2010

Dust Collector

Today, while at the flea market, I decided that I should be collecting something other than the dust on my neglected jewelry box... and what did I come up with? Teapots. Something about walking around the musty aisles and aisles of old glass, carvings, and shiny things made me want to A) have an apartment to decorate with all these wonderful things, B) become the crafty person I've recently aspired to be, and C) have a shelf full of random junk that I find at places like Flea Land. Also, I've decided I want my sewing machine, yards of fabric, a pattern, and a rainy afternoon to make something out of virtually nothing. None of this really matters, but I just decided that teapots make me happy, and this particular one was only $3. The End.

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