Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Battle Cry

My struggle is not against flesh & blood- those perish easily and are targeted easily. No- my struggle is against spiritual forces of evil. I am in a war- a war of my mind. The enemy tells me I am inadequate for the job; he tells me no one wants to support me; he plants doubt in my mind about my Commanding Officer. Every morning, when I feel refreshed and excited to serve as a part of His army, the enemy finds my vulnerabilities and attacks. He knows each one, and he viciously stings right where I will feel it most. He writes words and phrases across banners in my mind: "You're alone." "Doubt." "Is this really Truth?" "You're ineffective." "This is all pointless." "Hopeless."

I am blindsided by the raging river and torrent of lies- lies that seem so much to be truth. The enemy, the Deceiver, he looks so attractive. He makes everything seems so real and so easy, and I quickly consider moving to his side. It seems so much easier over there- less work, more fun, more friends... right? I slowly take a few hesitant steps in his direction. My Commanding Officer stops me in my tracks. But it is not Him that I see- it is His banner above that I see, as I reach the outskirts of His camp. The banner I see above me, it says nothing but "LOVE." I see the banner over me- the banner of love. I remember my Commander, and I am reminded of the reason I joined the battle in the first place. The banner of lies that the Enemy strategically planted in my mind suddenly disappear, and I begin a slow walk back into the camp. I want so badly to run and be reunited with my Commander, an effective and passionate soldier for Him, but the enemy's loud and ringing words nearly cripple me and tempt me to turn back around. Yet every time I turn around, I see the banner of love boldly jumping out at me.

I am tired of standing between camps. I am tired of listening to the enemy, looking to his banners, and falling for his lies. I am bruised from his schemes, and I have betrayed my Commander all too often. So here is my battle cry to the enemy, the Deceiver:

Enemy, I am standing firm. No matter how many times you prowl around, looking to devour me, I will stand firm and steadfast. I am resisting you- now, flee from me! You offer suggestions often, and they sound true. You are bold enough to get inside my head and hiss lies in my mind- but I am committed to my Commanding Officer. I do not pretend to have enough strength to fight you on my own- although I have tried doing it to please other people, and I have failed. You know my weaknesses, and you know exactly how to make me fail. But that is why I proudly follow my Commander- and He happens to also be my Father. He makes mountains tremble at the sound of His voice, He snuffs out nations in one breath, and He is the One who sends lightning bolts on their way. Does your dad do that?!
You may masquerade yourself to deceive me, but my Father knows who you are- always. He knows you better than you know yourself! That is why, from now on, I will not listen to your lies without first bringing them before my Father. And when I am in those weakest moments, dejected and alone, His power is displayed to the highest degree.

So bring it on, Enemy. I will stand firm against your schemes because I have a Father & Commander who can see every single slimy lie you try to slip inside my mind. Your banners over me are lies; His banner over me is Love. And I completely trust Him to protect His undeserving, weak, loved little girl soldier.


  1. I love this. Our Commander always knows how to speak to us, how to say exactly what we need to hear, and exactly when we need it the most.