Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Spring 2011- I love you

Okay seriously, it does not feel like I just got flung into a semester of craziness! It's already Day 3 and here I sit at my desk, sipping on some YUMMY passion tea, looking out at the snow, listening to good music, and gluing tissue paper onto a paper plate to make a lovely derby hat. It's not that my major is a piece of cake (it's not), but that this semester in particular holds lots of easy classes. I mean, really- Gourmet Foods? Online Introduction to Anthropology? Yes.
I have to say that this semester, even from the beginning, has shown itself to be one where I'm forced to get my priorities straight. I'll have a little extra time, which means I've got no excuse in my back pocket for a lack of Bible study, working out, or investing in people! I'm ready to use this semester to its fullest.
Sometimes we just need these little "breaks," right?

...we'll see if I'm still singing this same song 3 weeks from now

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