Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sweet Inspiration

Maybe I'm going crazy from cabin fever, sitting inside this little room doing way too much homework, but if I could do this for a living then I'd be entirely content. I am way too excited to move into an apartment and redo my own furniture- feel free to, out of the goodness of your heart, give me your old stuff so I can make it into something new and add it to our precious new apartment! :)

Also, I've found that this DIY wedding blog has gotten me wayyy too distracted... but it's a welcome excuse to stop writing lesson plans for just a second, so I feel justified in going googly-eyed over each page and picture!

Finally, one last thing- I'm loving the renowned beauty I've found in this song. Just read those crazy lyrics- every verse is full of such truth and such beauty... from the sunrise to the wedding celebration, the Lord stirs such deep desires within me to love Him more. I want to know this mysterious and wondrous God more- He arouses so much curiosity in me! Teach me to know You, Father.

1 comment:

  1. Em, I am SO STINKIN EXCITED for our new apt!!! Can we please do all kinds of fun projects??? I looked at the website you tagged and I'm about to go spend waaay too much time pouring over the photos! :D
    Love you sweet friend!