Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Back in America!

It's weird to be back in America. Upon arriving in the US, I was literally speechless when the guy at McDonald's asked, in English, "what can I get for you?" Walking into my room at home was strange, as well- I couldn't remember what clothes I owned or what my bed felt like or where my wallet was or what my wallet even looked like. But, as I settle back into the American way of life, I am slowly coming to remember what life was like for me 9 weeks ago.

We attract all the village crazies- young & old

9 weeks ago, I did not know the names Ibu, Halima, Mariama, or Fadida. The word "Fofo" had no meaning to me, and I couldn't speak a lick of Zarma. I knew what it was like to sweat, but I didn't know what it was like to sweat. 9 weeks ago, I prayed for the Songhai, but I didn't see the need for prayer as much as I do now.

A few weeks ago, I found myself holding a precious little girl named Zaaratu as all the other kids fought for crayons to color with. Zaaratu was a snuggler to the max, so I sat and rocked the cuddly girl as I sang "How He Loves." Will the little girl ever understand that God is jealous for her and how truly great His affections are for her?

Henna! I get a lot of odd looks now in the US

We are merely the vessels for Christ's work; the megaphone to carry Christ's glory to all nations. Without a voice, the megaphone is useless; without Christ's glory as our goal, our work is useless. Because of our work in the village, so many women heard the name of Jesus. Because we loved on kids, they know a bit more about Christ's love. Because we were light in a dark place, the Light is beginning to conquer and overwhelm the darkness on the dirt roads of Boubon. I was a warm body that God placed in a very hot place, and He did all the work through me. Although Zaaratu and I did not speak the same language, I can trust that God did something on her heart during our time there. I am overwhelmed with humility because of the ways He used me this summer!

Fadida- sweetest little girl

The journey is most certainly not over. God is not finished with Boubon just yet. Continue to pray that the women we encountered will be convicted by the words we shared. Continue to pray that children will experience the love that only Christ can provide through His disciples. Continue to pray for understanding. Continue to pray that people will rise up to the call and will go to work with the Songhai. We are so thrilled to know that there will be a family living in Boubon and that there will be several teams visiting the village in just a few months! God is not finished with His work. I am back in America, but God is still in Boubon!

Big giraffe, little Nadia

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