Monday, February 20, 2012

Good-bye, Facebook

Today, I thought "I should post that on my status."
And then I realized that I had no Facebook.

I've decided to temporarily (or maybe permanently) remove myself from Facebook for so many reasons, and so far it has proved to be very rewarding. In the season of life that I'm at and the road the Lord has me walking on, it just seems like the best idea. Maybe I'll harp on it later, or maybe I won't, but for now- just know that I'm trying my hardest to live faithfully in the monotony of schoolwork and the fast pace of wedding planning.

Rather than scrolling down the Newsfeed, I've been able to fill my brain and my soul with uplifting things- and I've found so much hope in the daily posts at {in}courage. For the female soul, this blog really is an honest voice- sometimes from the broken and defeated, but always hopeful and encouraging. Today I found so much hope in a post about faithfulness (even when you're only being faithful to a laundry pile or a homework assignment). I highly encourage a look at it:

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