Saturday, February 4, 2012

Simplicity with a side of Joy

You know how I just posted yesterday about power walking? And how slow it was? And how bored I got? Well, today I am sore. Very sore. And so I sit on my bed, sprawled out and sore, working on my online class by researching ESL blogs and listening to podcasts out the wazoo. I couldn't love my academic career more, really. It's tough and very time-consuming, but you know you picked your major right when you love doing the homework.

(don't quote me on that, because I very often do not enjoy the homework.)

I found this video while perusing a blog that provides ideas/activities for teaching ESL through music- and I was so impressed/entertained/dying to be a part of something like that:

I am daily learning that, if I will only slow down and quiet my heart, the Lord will speak marvelous wonders to me about His grace and provision. He provides joy in the mundane daily tasks. He provides love in the moments of failure. He provides grace for the girl who can't do it all on her own but still tries so very hard to. I'm learning, slowly, and He is speaking, profoundly.

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