Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My Ecuadorian School

It's been a great few days in Kinder Pasochoa! Our school, Colegio Menor, is incredible. To give you an example, watch this video about the departments and all it has to offer for PK-12. Today, the kinders had a half day so the teachers could go to a meeting about using iPads in the classroom and implementing them into instruction... which floored me! It is so surprising (although it really shouldn't be) that this school has even more resources available for use than most other schools I've worked with in KY.

My sweet teacher Cynthia always asks me to give her any ideas or resources for teaching that I've learned in America, but I continually tell her how much she has already taught me. This class uses recycled materials for so many hands-on activities, their classroom environment is much more relaxed, and they become very innovative with the things they already have available for use in the classroom. And don't even get me started on the enormous amount of experience I've gained in second language learning for kids! Since we can only speak in English to our students and many of them are not nearly fluent, I have gained SO much experience that I am DYING to use one day in the ESL classroom.

As for the view from our playground area, I couldn't ask for anything better than a mountain view. I'll take these mountains over a beach any day!!

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  1. I'm surprised too...not sure what I expected though.