Thursday, December 6, 2012

Breathe. Mindo.

This weekend was so phenomenal that I have to break the events up into TWO posts! Our time in Mindo was perfect. Relaxing and calm, yet very exciting. At night, we joined sisters from LA to make chocolate from Ecuadorian cacao for some fondue! We embraced the opportunity to make and quickly consume our own chocolate while listening to someone tell us all about the history of cocoa in South America. It's crazy to think that the rich stuff actually comes from a fruit!

At the chocolate shop, we learned of a place called The Little House of Tea and Art. In Spanish, of course. I got SO excited at the idea of drinking some herbal tea, so we ventured into town to find this house. We found it, alright, and a band at the house playing everything from a flute to a didgeridoo! It was so neat to watch, even if everyone there was about 500x more hippie than me. I had some tea made from linseed; I've never heard of it before but the waitress highly recommended it and it was yummy! They even gave us the rest of the tea in vases for quick refills.

The next morning, I headed to Chocolarte to have breakfast and spend some time alone reading. I thrive most when I'm fueled with alone time and Jesus time. Over a cup of coffee and scrambled eggs, I read and people watched and prayed and reflected on everything that has happened in the last few weeks. This month has flown by, and I've learned so much about how other cultures view education. I've been able to see the most beautiful mountain backdrop every time I step outside my door. How did I get so blessed to come here, invade their space, and learn so much?! In the calm of that sweet Sunday morning, watching the sleepy town wake and begin turning its wheels, I found a deep appreciation for this special opportunity. And I can't wait to see what these last 3 days will hold.

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