Sunday, December 2, 2012

Field Trip

During student teaching in the States, I never got the chance to go on any field trips as a teacher. Somehow, with the dates for my placements, I always seemed to miss those that my classes went on! I was so excited to find out that the kinder classes at our school would be going on a field trip during my time here. We went to Itchimbia, a public park located in downtown Quito. The students were SO excited and looked adorable in their class tshirts! It was a simple trip, lasting just a couple hours so that the class could walk around the park looking at plants & animals, but they had such a good time. And I did, too, until a necklace that a student had me hold slipped off my wrist and fell between the cracks of the stairs in the picture below! It was quite an ordeal and took a lot of skill to retrieve it... but in the end I came out successful and everything went back to normal. Thank goodness. Just look at the cuties I spent that morning with!

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