Friday, December 14, 2012

Home and Graduating

I could add more pictures in an attempt to describe the end of my trip in Ecuador, but I think I'm finished. It was a beautiful trip, where I learned a lot about myself as a teacher, other school philosophies, myself as a traveler and learner, and that people really are basically the same no matter where you go. I'm thankful for this trip, and now I am so happy to be home.

Graduation is tomorrow, and I'm full of a lot of sentimental feelings toward the school that gave me a degree, a husband, a confidence in myself, and a spark to reach and teach people from all over the world. Although I'm not excited to sit through 2 hours of the same ceremony I've experienced before with friends, I am looking oh-so-forward to all the opportunities that lie just beyond the cap & gown. They're exciting things; maybe I'll share them soon. But for now... I'll just head to Diddle and sit down for a while.

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