Saturday, September 14, 2013

Infinity Scarves for Sale!

In January, I resolved to make this a year of simplicity and beauty. I wanted to appreciate and create beauty that is God-given and praiseworthy. In that attempt, I've been busy with my sewing machine and LOVING this new journey to make a little extra for our family by selling handmade infinity scarves! I set up an Etsy shop about a month ago, and you can see my vision for the shop by clicking here.

This is an EXCITING journey for me, because I don't just do this to make some cash that will smash our debt. I do it because it brings life into my heart when I do the things that God created me to do and to enjoy! I've only begun selling scarves and my heart is already happy.

Here are a few of the scarves I am selling. Check out for more detailed pictures.

White Chevron w/ Greek Key Stripe

Choose your thread color, or stick with the red and goooooo Cards!!!

Peacock Pastel

Sheer & lightweight.

Aztec Tribal Pattern

It's not authentic Aztec fabric, but... you get the point. Comes in a single loop (top) or double loop (bottom).

Sari Floral Dot

It's made from an authentic Indian sari! Can be made long or short-- you choose!

Graphic Grey

It's super soft.

Homespun Lace

This one is ideal for personalization... let me know how you want the lace to look! No two scarves are exactly alike.

Black & White Stripe

Silky and sleek... I've worn one myself and gotten lots of compliments!

Sari Floral- NO dots

That other fancy scarf made from a sari has silver polka dots... if shiny isn't your thing, try this one that's inside out! While this isn't an awesome picture of it (too much flash), it's one of my favorites.

Teal Pop

This IS available in short and long-- no photo of the long one currently. It's SUPER soft!

Any Questions?

How do I ORDER one of the fabulous scarves?!
If you'd like any of these scarves, you can purchase them and have them shipped through my Etsy shop (here), leave a comment below this blog post describing the scarf you would like, or send me an email/facebook message/write me some snail mail indicating what you would like.

All scarves are $10 flat-- no exceptions!

How will these fabulous scarves get to me?!
If you live in the BG area, I can hand deliver for free! If you live anywhere else, I'll have to ship it to you ($2 for one scarf, additional $1 for any extra scarves you purchase).

I like them, but there's one kind of scarf I've really been wanting. Could you make it for me?!
I'm glad you asked!! I can change the length/width of most scarves, add embellishments, or do something wild and crazy if you ask!! Keep in mind that the price may have to be adjusted if we get too crazy.

What's your email?

Why do you do this?
Because I love my husband times infinity. 

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