Monday, February 9, 2009

Pushing the Limits

This post really has no point, it's more of just a rambling in order to put off finishing my Western Civ paper.

So first of all... I have a little box on my computer desktop that says it's 71 DEGREES outside?!?!?! I'm wearing flip-flops, it's the beginning of February, that groundhog was wrong! And it makes me very happy! Today, as my friends and I sat in the Colonnades and ate lunch, I had enough energy to run a full marathon- and it felt fantastic. I can't even begin to describe to you how great it felt to just be content with my life- after the tiresome week I just had, God has given me a huge blessing in my friends & the weather. The extent of His love for me is still so unfathomable!

One thing that happened today that really disappointed me was the appearance of a "turn or burn" evangelist- this guy stood up on a park bench in the busiest part of campus with a highlighter-colored shirt on, yelling at students about Hell. Now, don't get me wrong, I completely believe in a place called Hell, and I firmly attest that anyone who does not accept Christ into their lives or live for the sake of the Gospel will be doomed to eternity in Hell. However, that should not be the sole reason for become a Christian. This man was using scare tactics to pretty much lure people into "trusting in Jesus." How crazy is that! It makes a fire stir inside my soul to know that one man can harden the hearts of so many people, holding them back from knowing the truth! These people at Western need to know that becoming a Christian isn't about simply avoiding Hell; it's about a relationship with a loving, all-powerful God, and striving to spread the gospel to the ends of the earth because of how powerful it is! This false teacher that has polluted the thoughts and souls of students literally sickens me. I ache for this campus to know the truth.

I am afraid that Christians in the US have a danger of becoming like the people in Romans 1. We become so involved in church functions, activities, and entertainment that we forget we are set apart. I could write pages and pages on my thoughts on this matter... and I'm completely guilty of this just as much as every other Christian. We downplay the importance of setting ourselves apart in regards to the entertainment we expose ourselves to, the friendships we have, and overall just the lives we live. We spend way too much time arguing for things like the technicality of sins- things like social drinking or cursing. If we're having to make an argument for it, why even do it? If we are set-apart Christians, why are we trying to get as close to the line between godliness and worldliness as possible? Why are we attempting to become a part of things associated with the world so much? We need to stop be ashamed of the Gospel. We need to stop being afraid to live as what we are, Christians.

Which brings me back to my little story about the "evangelist" corrupting WKU's sidewalks today. Don't try to flower up the Gospel. Don't make it sound like Heaven is for anyone who is scared of Hell. Followers of the Gospel, Christians, are to be set apart and holy!

By the way, I don't want this to sound high and mighty. I'm probably the worst sinner when it comes to finding how far I can go without actually sinning. But it's definitely a good challenge that we could all learn from!

I definitely intended for this to be a short little happy post before I tackled my paper... and now I'm frantically looking at the clock and flustered about that man outside my dorm. But I'm still in flip-flops, so life is good :)


  1. wow, emily.
    I have been thinking about this very same thing. It is so hard to live set apart when everything just seems normal. and we become accustomed to jokes, words, actions, and other things.

    and the colonnades were wonderful - it's where I usually live in the Spring :)

  2. For a post that "has no point," I would say you've got some seriously good stuff going here! And I find it hilariously ironic that you left that comment because I just saw this post last night and couldn't help but think about how familiar it sounded...this is exactly what I was trying to get at! Even though we're all guilty of it from time to time, at the very least we have to realize just how we much the incredible love we've been shown should constantly be radically transforming us. So thanks for this!