Friday, March 6, 2009

Home <3

There's something about being home that I just can't put my finger on. For some reason, whenever I'm home I feel content, the sun shines brighter, and my life seems more significant. Perhaps it's just the familiarity of it all- after all, Louisville has been called "home" all my life. I absolutely love this city, and I take a lot of pride in it. My friends at home know me the best, and my family will always always always be there. Home is my escape from the real world: only at home can I climb out onto the roof in the middle of a sunny day, lay out a towel, and read a book without worrying about any interruptions. Granted, my brothers are always willing to interrupt, but their presence is always welcome. I do miss being around those cute little boys!

One thing that I have noticed on this specific trip home is that God stays the same wherever I am. He's provided me not one, but TWO great church families with whom to worship God and learn about Him. I feel comfortable around both, and I have learned so much in each place. For that I am completely grateful! My Lord is so very good to me; I never thought I'd feel so at home at any church other than Highview... but God certainly intervened by giving me Living Hope.

All that to say, I'm glad God loves me enough to provide the much-needed break to go HOME, and I'm even more thankful that He loves me enough to supply me with two bodies of believers. No matter where I go, His love and presence are made very real to me!


  1. Emily, Our church sure does love you too. You are one of the brightest, sharpest, most Jesus-loving young ladies we have seen. We appreciate you and think so much of you. You make us proud!

  2. Emily,
    Your blog is filled with smiles, thankfulness, and joy just like you! I love reading your blog! Hope you have had a wonderful Spring Break :)

  3. it is good to hear you had a wonderful spring break at home. I think that is always a resonating theme when I go home.. that His love is everlasting.. that means no matter where. He is faithful & that is beautiful :)

    hey. let's make some more waves and whale videos!