Monday, March 16, 2009

Sunshine & Starburst Jellybeans

Sunshine makes me want to write and write and write :)

Maybe it's the extra sun we've gotten, or maybe it's the week-long break that helped me get re-energized, but something has gotton a strong hold on my emotions and frozen them on happy mode. Ever since I stepped onto campus for the first time on Sunday, everything has seemed so much brighter and joyful than I ever saw it before!!

Everything brings happiness to my heart lately: things like big pink sunglasses and Starburst jellybeans. Things like UofL domination and UK's not-so-much domination. (Sorry, had to throw that in there!) Things like finalllyyyy getting to wear flip-flops and shorts. People who are complete strangers yet give me a big smile. The fact that Fresh actually brought a piece of home to WKU by serving my favorite ice cream. Finishing a good, thought-provoking book. You name it, I have probably smiled about it!

The Lord has definitely been a fountain of blessings here lately in providing all of this for me... and I can't help but praise Him for it! The thing I'm most thankful for is that, underneath all of this happiness, I actually have a lot I could be worrying about. Several things about this summer, friendships, and school are very valid reasons for me to be worrying. But, as one wise woman in my life once put it, worry is a slap in the face to God- telling Him that He can't handle it! So why should I worry? Instead of having reason to doubt His providence in every situation, God has provided a way to spend my time praising Him!! Isn't that fantastic?! I'd much rather spend my day in the midst of God's glorious nature, praising Him through complete surrender.

I think a day full of sunshine & Starburst jellybeans is a day well spent. Much better than worrying about the future, don't you think?


  1. hey girl! i LOVE your blog! great filled me with joy just reading it! and fyi...i bought myself a bag of starburst jellybeans yesterday :) great minds think alike!

  2. so.. since I can't comment on facebook... haha.

    I am just not going to eat or drink around you anymore :)

    but i think that a starburst jelly bean feast would be quite alright..