Monday, April 27, 2009

What I've learned over the weekend

Just so you know:
-'Por' is NOT the same as 'para' in Spanish, and there are several reasons why. I couldn't tell you a single reason.
-Everything is slowly coming together for my trip :) But getting a bunch of things injected into my body (those things called vaccines) doesn't sound too fun... I mean I won't really get Typhoid, right?
-After one full day of sweating bullets, Minton Hall is now finally up and running with working A/C and everything!
-I apparently am not very skilled at Cornhole.
-I get to be in my favorite place for Derby weekend!! I love being at home with my family, especially when Derby is apparently a big deal for them.
-Pan's Labyrinth is not for the faint of heart, or for the faint of stomach.
-I've learned an incredible amount about the Lord in the 3 years since my Memaw died. It really brings 2 Corinthians 1:3-6 to life!
-I got hired for an awesome job on-campus in Fall 09... tour guide for prospective students :) I'm going to have SO much fun with this.
-The weather may, in fact, be amazing.
-I am not able to take care of the things that I use the most: a broken phone and an unravelling Vera Bradley case are the results of my findings
-Honors kids are interesting dancers
-I'm a fan of painted fingernails, actually
-It's almost May????


  1. I love painted finger nails too! :) And you! <3

  2. one more thing you learned: don't let your papers lay outside when the wind is strong...

    well that was monday.. but still :)

  3. 1. I'm not sure why por y para aren't the same. It's a pretty stupid rule if you ask me.
    2. Vaccines are overrated
    3. Thank the Lord for AC!
    4. My family mocks me mercilessly when I play cornhole. Don't feel bad-you're not alone.
    5. I've never been to the derby, but I'm glad you love it so much!
    6. Pan's Labyrinth, however, is a FANTASTIC movie. As is The Orphanage.
    7. The Lord is great, and He likes to teach us things about himself.
    8. That beats my job! (Until you're going to have to give tours in the rain, or the cold... haha)
    9. The weather IS amazing. Well, not today- but it has been!
    10. I lose everything I use a lot. Yesterday I lost my sunglasses.
    11. All of our friends are interesting dancers... have you met them?
    12. I like painted fingernails as well.
    13. There's no WAY it's almost May. It's a lie. I'm in denial.

    I love you!!