Friday, August 28, 2009

Back to the Basics.

Just so you know, I had an entire blog post typed out a few moments ago spelling out all the different ways that this semester is completely different from every other semester I have spent at WKU, all because of my focus and new perspective on things. I deleted it.

Mostly I deleted it because the Acts 20:24/Phil. 3:8 lifestyle seems to be the main theme of all my blog posts, & I figure Peaceful Heart could use a little variety. Also, after reading over the paragraph or two, I realized most of it was me-focused. And the truth is, it's not about me. So can I just talk about Jesus for a second?

I'm finding more & more that it truly was a huge sacrifice for Jesus to make to come down to Earth simply to save my soul. He was more than a wimpy, dumb man walking around with a halo on His head (as portrayed in the YouTube Jesus videos); He was a strong carpenter- fully & completely man, submitting His life to His Father. I can only imagine how attractive He must have been, being God manifested in man's body. All that to say, Jesus was real. He fell into the laps of two unsuspecting people, Mary & Joseph, in incredibly perfect timing to be raised up as the Savior of the world... and we can have a personal relationship with this One who is fully God and fully Man. How great is that?! Sometimes I forget the glamorous character of Jesus Christ... so much could be said about Him. Remember the first time you "met" Christ and had fellowship with Him? Relish in that thought! Let Jesus really be the sweetest Name you know.

Sometimes I just need to go back to the basics of Christianity in order to truly appreciate what it means to me...


  1. So true Emily! Thanks for the reminder and encouragement! Have a wonderful first day back to school :)

  2. This is so true... as I have gotten older the fact that Jesus, Moses, Adam were all REAL has really hit me. Growing up you see drawn pictures of them so they just always seem "cartoon" like, atleast for me... so sometimes I have to picture them doing normal things- walking to the store, hugging their family, laughing- in order for my mind to grasp how REAL they really were... hmm good things to think about =]