Thursday, September 10, 2009

30 Days Hath September...

This has probably been one of the weirdest, most exciting, random Septembers of my life.

I don't really know what it is, but there's something about this month that has totally changed from the past 18 Septembers that I have experienced!

First of all, time has flown by. Tomorrow will be September 11th already. Where in the world did August go? I need to hang on to my hat, time is blowing by quicker than I've realized. And you can't get back lost time!

Second of all, I've had some odd things go on in my life this particular September. Things that don't usually happen to people like me. I found myself all the way in Princeton, KY ripping out a radio from a golf cart. I felt intimidated and nervous for the first time over a job. I broke several pairs of shoes, got stuck in unbelieveable traffic, saw some of my absolute favorite singers, drove a Corvette around a nice little town, & was THIS CLOSE to hurling my phone out the window of Minton 419 every single time the screen went black. Maybe I'm still contemplating that last thing...

Third of all, I have been moved in so many ways. I am so completely ready to leave the country again and impact people's lives, but I have found such a great way to serve here in the meantime. I have found great, genuine friendships in my friends Celine, Kate, & Devi. Each come from Asia, which holds such a warm place in my heart! But there are so many other international students that are here that have my heart as well- it would not do to list them all out! Simply through conversation with them, God is showing me more & more that He wants me to GO. Oh, and the feeling I got when I helped Living Hope teach ESL in the Burmese community here in Bowling Green. God could not have been working more on my heart than then! I LOVE it when God speaks clearly. It's pretty great :) But I'm still ever open to hearing more from Him... He's not finished with me yet!

...And it's only September 10.
(PS, that would be Jon McLaughlin, the piano amazingness that I could look at & listen to all day long.)

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  1. Sounds like a great September :-) God is amazing, isn't He?!?! I am sooo glad you have been able to impact the lives of international students here at Western, and I'm also thrilled that they have touched your life too. It is so great that we have such a diverse campus. God has brought the world to our door! You definitely shine for Christ, and I am privileged to get to serve with you my last year here! Keep your eye on the prize, sister!