Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dian's Story

This is a true story about a woman from the island I lived on this summer:

Dian's family was completely Hindu. Her older sister became a Christian while she was away at school, but did not tell her parents. She would hide her Bible in the bottom of her bookbag when she came home from college for the holidays. Dian would often search through her bags, looking for candy.
One day she found her sister's Bible instead. Dian opened the book and saw a picture of Jesus. She didn't understand what all this meant, so she showed the book to her dad - a devout Hindu. He beat Dian's older sister with a piece of wood, kicked her out of the house, and disowned her. Dian was told she could never talk to her sister again - she was told she did not exist to them anymore. Dian hated "Jesus" --> "that man" because he had caused her to lose her sister.
A few years later, Dian began hanging out with a boy. He cast a spell on Dian that kept her doing bad things and talking back to her parents. Her parents took her to the witch doctor, who said that as long as Dian was on the Hindu island, she would remain belligerent. So the spell would not cause her harm, Dian's father allowed her to live on another island with her disowned sister.
There Dian met with other Christians who were so nice to her. Dian did not understand why people who followed such a horrible man could be so nice. If Jesus was so bad, the people should be mean as well. Dian thought about this a lot, but she did not become a Christian then. One night, Dian awoke and saw an image of the picture of the Jesus that she hated. She saw him smile at her, but she thought he was mocking her. On a different night she awoke and saw the same image. This time she realized that Jesus was smiling at her because he loves her. That night Dian became a Christan. For months, her sister and new friends had prayed for her salvation.
Dian's parents know she is a Christan, but they continue to let her live with them. Her mother does not like to talk to her and her father is embarrassed by her. Dian prays for them to know Christ.

This is a powerful and wonderful story, but what I love even more is that Dian's sister is actually the woman that shared Jesus Christ with the grandfather in our village- he was the only villager we saw surrender to Christ this summer, but we rejoice in that. What a powerful impact this woman has made on such a dark island! Pray without ceasing for those who are not walking in the light- God always always hears our prayers.

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  1. Emily..i'm Olin..i'm fans of your blog ;). Nice to read your story about Dian. Are you live in Bali?if u visit Surabaya City -2 hours from Bali with plane-, dont forget to contact me...