Sunday, October 11, 2009

I'm Small, You're Big

It's pretty much the end of Fall Break, and for the past 7 hours I have refused to do any homework or fulfill any responsibility and simply CHILL. I haven't done this all semester, and it feels so... rebellious.
In my pursuit of chill-ness, I did the unthinkable and turned on the TV. I've watched Project Runway, College Football, some random 80's movie, The Office, and Extreme Makeover Home Edition.
In Extreme Makeover, I realized something terrible about our world: it's so messed up, and there's only so much we can do about it. This episode was about a family who has been searching for their abducted daughter... for 10 years. Since then, they have been incredibly active in different organizations for recovering missing children. They showed different clips of the mom going to different speaking engagements, and I noticed that there were some listening who cared, and others who were just nonchalant observers. The listeners were passionate about the subject, the observers not so much.
We all have our own movement or issue that lights us up. Something that drives us every single day. Child abduction, child trafficking, child adoption, foster care, food for poor kids, food for the homeless, food for Africa, orphans in Africa, missions in Africa, worldwide missions, worldwide peace, AIDS research, breast cancer research, stopping drunk drivers... all of this... it all shows how completely messed up our world is. We live in a sin-saturated world, and there is only so much we can do about it!
The good news is, we have a future in a perfect place with our Father. But how can we make Earth more like Heaven? It's not possible without Jesus. I realize more and more every day that prayer is SO important, because we are too small for the task- but He is big enough! There are so many things I want to do with the world. Add all my dreams and ambitions to all the dreams and ambitions of everyone else in the world, and maybe we can accomplish something. But without Christ in the center of it, we won't get far. Big ideas require a big God!

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