Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Somebody’s Watching Me…

I'm not exactly sure what the true definition of introverted is, but I'm pretty sure I am one of those kinds of people sometimes. I would much rather sit by myself and watch people- call it creepy, I don't care- but I learn so much by observing the way they interact and how they treat one another. Also, I would much rather sit and listen to someone talk than to talk myself. People are peculiar, and their ideas and lives are interesting. I just want to sit and listen all day, really.

Today, while studying at my new favorite study-spot- Panera- I observed something happen over and over and over again. In the 4-hour span of time, as I blazed a trail through my Educational Psychology book, I witnessed so many groups of people come and go. Frazzled college students studying frantically for a final, girls giggling and chatting about all the drama in their lives, old couples quietly sipping coffee and munching on sandwiches, and young moms spoon-feeding bagel bites to their young ones. Typical Panera customers.

Enter old couple number one. After receiving their food, the wife snaps for her husband to get her water. He rolls his eyes and follows orders. I'm pretty sure those were the only words that came out of her mouth for the rest of the evening. They sat in silence for a good twenty minutes, just looking around the room and minding their own business. They ate in silence, they left in silence.

Old couple number two. Husband brings the food to the table, takes Wife's hands, and prays for the food. After praying, they sweetly talk with each other about their family and how God has blessed them. Twenty minutes later, Husband throws away the food and Wife comes to my table and asks what I'm studying. I was already so floored at the witness they had been to me of a sweet, God-honoring marriage, and this topped it all off! We chatted for a little bit, and then they left.

I have learned so much from just sitting and watching. Thank you, old couple number two, for being a witness to others through your everyday actions! Continue to honor each other through your marriage and radiate with the love of Christ through your everyday actions… they will not go unnoticed.

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