Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thoughts on Happiness and Thankfulness

"You're always so happy!"

Today was a good day, yes. The sun was shining, I dominated a final, and I saw how blessed I was. But something in the midst of the good day caught me off-guard- and it was the short and sweet words of a friend at lunch today. I was going on and on telling her about something exciting, apparently being a little more energetic than usual. She stopped me mid-sentence to say, "You're always so happy!" I quickly responded with something to reassure her that I most definitely am not always happy... but it got me thinking.

This semester was nearly the death of me. I've never had the suffocating feeling of being so overwhelmed, and it completely wore me out. If there's any way to lose complete zeal for something you truly are passionate about, having a busy schedule is one way to do it- it completely sucked the life from me!
It wasn't until just about a week ago that my life began to slow down and I've been able to take a breather. I've caught up with friends, lived more intentionally, and talked about Jesus more. It truly has given me so much more life and meaning!

I've begun to see how blessed I am. I have some incredible friends both here and at home. I have an absolutely wonderful family that I never stop talking about. Life is pretty much free of troubles... and when I do face something, I have Christ- who is my ultimate joy!
Sometimes I just need to stop and remind myself of how blessed I am, and of how much I am loved. And with that comes complete joy and an excitement for life :)

So go ahead and tell me I'm happy... I may not always be happy, but I have reason to consider myself blessed. Thank You, Jesus!

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  1. I love you Emily!!! It has been so great getting to see you the last couple of weeks!!! :D