Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Together Again?

What am I doing to cherish my time right now?

Tonight my sister and I watched Little Women. I'm not really sure what caused us to watch that sentimental movie, but it got me thinking so much about the seasons of life and the shortness of life. The movie had a sweet beginning, where four sisters and their mother shared life and spent so much time together. The movie ended with all four sisters living in different places on different sides of the world with their own families or, in one sister's case, on the other side of eternity. Throughout it all, one question stood out that I did not want to know the answer to:

"Will we ever all be together again?"

I have always anticipated the next season of life. I'm at that awkward stage of life where many of my friends are already moving on to a season of marriage, family, & a career, while others are still trying to live their high school years. Although I am very excited for the things in store for me, I really just want to cherish the time I still have with my siblings under one roof, my friends on one college campus (or in the same state), and my family alive & living so close to me!

It's so weird that this season of life is so short... I know the answer to the question that Jo March asks on that sweet little movie, and I know that I ignore the answer all too often. I don't live like the answer really is "No." In middle & high school, my youth pastor would always tell us at the end of camp or any mission trip, every single year, "This is the only time this exact same group will be in this exact same place... so treasure it while you can." Besides the hope of fellowship in Heaven, these people that I am surrounded with will only be here for a season.

So go ahead and love on your mom, your sister, your co-workers, your roommate, your best friend. Even tell your little cousin you love him. They'll only be around for a while... no matter how close you are now!

I didn't mean for this to sound depressing, although it kind of does give off a gloomy vibe. I really did mean to be motivational and celebratory of the present and our blessings, but I think my thoughts came out a completely different way- so take away from this whatever you like, but I just want to cherish the time I have right now with the people I won't always see on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. After all, what are we if we do not love each other??
Kasih-Mengasihi :)

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  1. Beautifully written. Makes me want to watch that movie again :) Merry Christmas!!