Friday, January 29, 2010

Happy is a funny word...

While sitting all cozied up in a huge brown chair in my dorm room, looking out at the flurries finally deciding to fall, I found my friend Jennifer's blog and saw that my blog was put on a list to write about 10 things that make me happy. So, here they are, the top 10 things that sum up Emily's happiness:

1. Being an older sister. I never really appreciated being the oldest until I got to college and was only around people my age... life is so much more entertaining when you're living with 4 other younger people.
2. Meaningful fellowship with friends. I got to experience some of that last night- intentional time with Christian sisters- and it was so encouraging. It made me happy!
3. Music with good lyrics.
4. My job- I can loosen up, be myself, and oh- I get paid for it? That's a nice plus! Seriously, I love it.
6. Foreign children and foreign food- enough said.
7. Prayer- a smile immediately hits my face when I talk to my Father, so obviously it makes me happy!
8. My precious 7th-grade girls- if I didn't have them, my week would feel a little off and I most definitely wouldn't get enough laughs :)
9. My alone-time... sometimes I wonder if I have a bit of introverted-ness tucked inside of me, because I LOVE to be left alone! (sometimes)
10. Hearing stories about how Christ has radically changed someone's life (It happens all the time, FYI!)

If you really want to, post this on your blog- it puts you in a good mood once you've finished :)


  1. I wrote about you in mine this afternoon too :)

  2. this is precious! i'll make one on mine too! :) love you dear!