Friday, February 19, 2010

Ministry- Jackie Chan style

Last night I went to a party.
There was dancing, music, food, and laughter- all the things needed for a good party. The difference, though, was that the food waited patiently on the table, untouched, and the laughter was coming from the mouths of precious children.

Last semester, I was driven nearly crazy by all the responsibilities and "ministries" I had gotten involved in... you know, the typical "I can't say no" lifestyle! I constantly battled with the question of what was worth keeping and what needed to go in order to keep my sanity. I was spiritually, physically, and mentally exhausted. Christmas Break brought a much-needed rest, and Spring '10 began once again.

But the difference is, I don't feel exhausted. I don't feel stress, I don't feel pressured.

The things and people I once considered "ministries" are seen in a different light: they're seen as relationships and loving parts of my life! The things that I once looked on as needing my assistance are now seen as things that are molding me and teaching me about Christ. I have learned so much more through these things than I am sure they have learned! I have learned that God does not need me in order to reach the world... and He most certainly isn't finished molding me into His own child and follower!

My middle school girls are my girls. I love them. Many international students are now my best friends, not just my "projects." My Burmese friends are just that: my friends. I have realized that I have created relationships that are bonded by love, and I love that!

Back to the party- if there was a video camera there, one would laugh. 5 African kids teaching 2 white girls how to dance (FAIL.), leaving pizza on the table until they could share it with their working mother, doing tumbles around the room like Jackie Chan and laughing until their sides hurt. As my friend and I left the apartment, the kids begging us not to leave, a sense of joy swept over my heart. "Ministry" is not about getting involved in lots of events or organizations and treating someone as merely a project- it is about establishing a loving relationship with someone and investing in them. But most often, they are not the ones that are changed- you are.


  1. Oh dearie, this has inspired me so much to just really invest in the PEOPLE, not the "ministry." This is Jesus right here... :D

  2. I love this! It is so true. Sometimes we get caught up in the "what has to be done" or our schedules instead of just making those relationships and friendships. I'm so happy you wrote this!

  3. I love it! The Indos couldn't teach you to nari either. I'm praying for you!