Thursday, February 25, 2010

Story Time

I seem to be posting things on here an unusual amount lately, but here is yet another thing on my mind that I wish to share with the entire world. And since I have a voice that is slowly slipping away to a raspy non-existence, I feel like my feelings will best be shared in the written word, thank you very much. I'll have another cough drop.
It's story time!

Meet... ahhh... we'll call her Kelly. She is a very unique, loyal, friendly, warm individual. Through her thoughtfulness and faithfulness in even the little things, she could make anyone feel welcome. She is determined and hard-working, and possesses a pure and moldable heart.

I met Kelly a year and a half ago, but she most certainly wasn't this same Kelly that I now know. I don't even really remember how I first met her. It was one of those friendships that began in the blur of the first week of college and hit the ground running at breakneck speed. But that's not the point. To be sure, Kelly was a very trusting individual. I felt as though I could spill my entire life to this poor person and yet she would still be my friend.

I have learned so much through my friendship with Kelly, much more than I could ever relay through a blog. One that I will mention, however, is how much I am blown away by her testimony.

I feel like a horrible Christian when I think about my friendship with Kelly... which sounds awful, but it is actually wonderfully true! Nearly 8 months after sharing life with her, she called me to share through tears that she had finally found a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Now, this would have made me so excited usually, but I was absolutely ticked at myself knowing that she had been one of my best friends for that long and I still did not know she was destined for Hell. How had I avoided that for so long??? That was a huge reality check. How often are the hard questions being asked?

But my grief turned to blissful joy as I saw Kelly literally burst from the pit and grow like a weed, stretching towards the sky where her Heavenly Father was waiting! That girl has endured so much more hardship and battles than I ever care to experience, and yet she continues to carry her armor and learn in leaps & bounds.

Today I got a five-minute voicemail from Kelly that left me in tears and desiring more of Christ. The things that she said were nothing but pure, broken, absolute surrender; and her heart showed the kind of devotion and faithfulness to Christ that I so desire. I love that God has used a young Christian to show this stubborn old woman (me), raised to be surrounded by the "Christian life", a thing or two about following Christ no matter what the circumstance. I desire a genuine faith, and I am completely humbled by this picture of grace. She has said she looks up to me and is thankful for my friendship; I would argue that she has changed me so much more. It is so good to see the zeal of a fresh, excited Christ-follower... and to also see that we both desperately need the Lord.

How are your thoughts, speech, relationships, and schedules honoring Christ? Are we striving to be moldable and teachable? We have so much to learn.


  1. I am almost 100% sure that I know who you are talking about and I feel the same way! I was friends with her and didn't have a clue until she called me. Love you!

  2. i love story time! so encouraging! and fits so well with some of what we talked about at breakfast today! :D