Saturday, April 3, 2010


It's funny how things work.
This weekend was supposed to be a relaxing, nostalgic weekend at home. But then my car died. And I got called into work. Suddenly, my rigid plans turned upside down and I found myself scrubbing the bathroom floor on a perfect Saturday afternoon. What happened, exactly? I'm not sure.
But I'm home now, and I must say I was able to drive home in flawless weather. The clouds made pictures in the sky, and my old camp music brought back happy memories. That alone time in the car is the best- and on days like today, pumping the Jesus music up and rolling the windows down (just slightly- don't want to mess up this wild mane on my head) seems like the most proper fit!
Today I thought about how we hunger for God. During the Easter service Thursday night, our pastor mentioned that those who do not know Christ are broken. My friend leaned over to me with a confused and baffled look and asked, "I am broken?" Yes, you are. We have an unfilled void that is unquenchable until we meet Christ. And once we do, we only hunger for more of Him. But what's cool is that when we hunger and thirst for God, He satisfies.

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