Saturday, April 10, 2010

Two Lovers

(Photo credit goes to my sister, Rebecca)

I had a 5-hour break today between lifeguarding classes. Instead of filling that time with lots of homework and scheduling, I chose to go to the park (leaving phone & backpack in the car) and simply sit underneath the flawless sky reading my Bible. (Okay, I'll admit- first I tried sitting under the trees, but then I found out I was sitting right in the middle of a busy frisbee-golf course.) Can I tell you how welcome that time was to my life?! I say this with as much cheesiness as possible: it felt like cool water to parched lips. I'm not sure how often I will need to tell myself that making time to be still is something God commands, but I am pretty sure I now have that speech memorized.

So here is my snippet for the day, straight from Jim & Elizabeth Elliot. Passion & Purity is so good, FYI, and I recommend it to absolutely anyone.

"Two lovers who are separated geographically can dwell mentally in the past & future, reliving the happiness of having been together & anticipating the joy of reunion. It is quite possible to waste the present altogether. The important thing is to receive this moment's experience with both hands. Don't waste it." (p. 78, Elizabeth)
"Wherever you are, be all there. Live to the hilt every situation you believe to
be the will of God." (Jim)

Take into consideration the idea that "two lovers" is not confined to a man and a woman- it can describe almost anything. Like seeing your far-away family. Or a best friend. Or desiring to be on the foreign mission field. Or just waiting for graduation and a big-kid job. How often do we wish our lives away, or spend it pining on things that are "missing" or yet to come?

I'm ready to live every moment "to the hilt." Our cry is always 'How long, Lord, must I wait?' And His reply is always 'Never mind, child. Trust me.'

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