Friday, June 11, 2010

Picnics and Road Trips

It's humid and full of gators, but it's home for the next week!! Last night/morning (3 a.m.), CK5 rolled into Lake Yale Conference Center in sunny Florida to begin setting up for the first week of camp! By the end of the summer, my team will have an unbelievable farmers tan and bulging biceps from unloading the Ryder trucks, but it will be so much fun. We've trained and ingrained our Bible Study, recreation games, and track times (lessons- mine is Splish Splash, or pool games!!!) into our heads, and it's quite overwhelming, but by the end of the summer I am sure we will be seasoned CK pros.
The downside to my week has been my unfailing forgetfulness- no matter where I am, I will always forget something important. My phone charger is MIA (a.k.a., at Millsaps College in Mississippi), but God is still sovereign and He won't let Satan have victory over my enthusiasm or patience. So continue to pray for our team and for our unity, excitement, and encounters with campers next week!!! Here we go!

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