Monday, August 2, 2010

What I've learned working CentriKid

It is really difficult for me to put my finger on just what exactly I should be writing about right now... it's been so long since I had a chance to sit down and write out all my thoughts! I returned home Saturday evening from an incredible summer working CentriKid, a camp for 3-6th graders that teaches the basic concepts behind John 1:12. I saw God work in powerful, vocal, and undeniable ways throughout the summer: He was my sustainer when I felt like I could not go on anymore, my strength when I was so tired and weak, my motivation when I felt apathetic, my Messiah when I realized just how big of a gap He bridged at the cross, and my friend during the many times I ran to Him in prayer.
God was definitely in the midst of camp this entire summer. Never have I felt the Holy Spirit so much in my friendships and in my prayer life, and never will I forget those moments when the Holy Spirit changed kids' lives each week. If I could have even one more chance to watch the face of a child who has just become a child of God, I would give anything. The joy that the Holy Spirit provides is so wonderful!
I have learned that we need to encourage one another and build each other up as Christian brothers & sisters. I was surrounded by an incredible group of Christians all summer- the 23 other people that I spent my summer with are solid, inspiring followers of Christ. We were able to pray with one another, support one another, and teach one another, and they were the most fulfilling relationships I think I have ever had. I have learned that when Christ truly is at the center of any relationship (and not just in theory, but in practice), He will cause that bond to be stronger than any other- and much more lasting. As I look back to the other key friendships in my life that were bound by Christ, I can definitely provide evidence that the Holy Spirit is the strongest bond of any friendship. And I am so excited to see where these friendships lead to! I know that I will not be able to stay in touch with all 23 people, but I do know that the Lord has given me a large handful of wonderful people whom God will use to grow me as a daughter of Christ.

So to wrap up this word vomit, I would just like to say that I began this summer a little skeptical of the outcome. I didn't really have a happy heart about working camp initially, but I have left forever changed. And even if I forget everything else I have learned, I know that this one truth will remain still: "The power of sin is broken and I have been set free, for I have died and JESUS is alive in me!"

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