Friday, July 16, 2010

I am Unique

I love that God uses us each in unique ways to fulfill His purposes! Last week, He used my curly hair to connect with another Shirley Temple look-alike in order to talk about the Gospel. And this week... He showed me once again just where He has placed my passion.
I talked with a girl tonight who surrendered her life to missions in India... a 5th grader. It was the most incredible thing to experience, because I felt like I was talking with a spiritually mature peer or something- this girl is so wise and passionate! After showing her my favorite verse, Acts 20:24, she nodded and wiped away welling tears. It was so refreshing and exciting to see a child with that much pure passion for the glory of God. I cannot tell you the feelings that went through my bones after I left her dorm and walked back to the rest of the team... absolute awe at God and how He works. And then I gave her a silly band, of course.
There are so many stories I could share about the kids I met these past 2 weeks at SBU for CentriKid... God has worked in visible and beautiful ways! I have doubted and nearly given up at times, but He continues to be faithful. He is working on the hearts of these kids, and I am satisfied to be a seed-planter... it's all for Him!

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