Sunday, October 31, 2010

Day 3: My Parents

I have some pretty great parents, who happen to also be quite polar opposites. They have done a lot for me and my siblings, and we love them a lot! My momma is the sweetest woman I know, who genuinely cares about people and is always a great listener. She's got the greatest gift of hospitality; not one of my visiting friends has gone away hungry from our home! If I could cook, sew, multitask, and stretch money the way she does, then I'd be golden. She is definitely the image of a "helper," as the Bible commands wives to be! And her pumpkin bread is to. die. for.
My dad, the famous Stevie Ray, is a little hard to figure out until you've been around him for a while. He's goofy and tries to be funny, which makes me laugh a lot. He enjoys "sparkling conversation" and looooong walks on historical boats. He is such a hard worker and a great example of a good leader. As I've gotten older, I've recognized and appreciated the ways he's shown me discipline and grace, which help me understand my Heavenly Father more. Also, he's not afraid to wear a hat out in public that has "Hoo-Hah" written on it.
I definitely got very lucky and was blessed with two great, godly, wonderful parents! They have taught me a lot, and they are definitely my greatest supporters. They have provided a home that I still love returning to, and I love them very much!

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  1. You are indeed blessed with beautiful parents. I am blessed with beautiful friends. God is good.