Monday, November 8, 2010

Day 13: My Goals

Not too long ago, I got mail from my high school youth pastor. Along with a quick encouragement to work each day towards accomplishing our goals, he included a card that I had written 5 years ago (as a sophomore in high school) describing where I saw myself in 5 years. I giggled for a while over my ambitions to be at University of Miami or UK, living in a cute little apartment, and working towards a career. In my senior yearbook, my ambitions were to attend WKU as a Public Relations major with my best friend, get married and have some beautiful kids, and live in a cute little house. Other than the "cute" living arrangements, none of these things seems to be consistent... and none of them have happened. It's funny how we spend so much of our time planning, trying to be in control of our lives, and everything changes!

I don't know the course of my life. Sure, I would love to be a wife and a mom, live overseas, and teach English as a means of getting the Gospel out- in a nutshell, those are my ambitions. But, as I have already seen, my well-planned life doesn't always work out! So, on a lighter note, I have taken a few things from the extensive Bucket List that I keep on my computer, and I have included them here. It would be so fun if these things actually happened! :)

-Meet Gloria, my sponsored girl in Guatemala
-Run a 10k (and then a half-marathon)
-Read through the entire Bible again
-Finish Granny's quilt (that has been in progress for 4 years & counting)
-Adopt some children- legally and figuratively
-Learn to fluently speak another language
-Skydive. Seriously.
-Sing in the church choir
-Learn to hardcore cook (this needs to happen sooner than later)

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