Sunday, November 28, 2010

Day 27: Pets

If you know me, you know I am not really an animal person. More importantly, I am most definitely NOT a cat lady. The Harrod Family has not had the best of luck with felines... but we have had our fair share of them (I don't claim them as my own, though).
My precious puppy Sally, on the other hand, always always always has my claim of ownership and love! She is usually pretty stinky, and she's a mutt (beagle & lab & who knows what else!), and she often has fleas. But I potty-trained her myself as a middle-schooler, and I'm pretty proud of that fact! Here's an awkward picture of Sallydog- one of the only ones I have on my computer, actually.
Oh, and the roommate and I had 2 beta fish. The first one was beloved Oscar, and the second one was rejected Sapphire. It was quite dramatic, really. Oscar died and was secretly replaced by the icky colored and super boring Sapphire, named by our friend Rachel, who soon died of either starvation or loneliness... we're not real sure...

And just for clarification, Sapphire died- not Rachel. Bless her heart.

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