Tuesday, February 15, 2011


With signs of Spring and warmth and everything that comes with it, I can't help but mention a few things that have made me incredibly happy as of late. After going through a dry spell in my walk with Christ and just feeling "blah" about everything else in life, I am beginning to feel a new vibrance. It's an odd, deep-seeded desire to just go out and twirl around in the grass with unkempt hair and a flowy skirt, laughing loudly and smiling incessantly, acting on dreams I've mustered up in my head for weeks. That sounds like I just forced myself to sound poetic, but it really is the weird feeling inside of me! I've been thinking up ideas for how to change my life and my attitude about it, but now I'm just ready to do it. I'm ready to do something about my faith through my words, my deeds, and my time. I want to live a more selfless life, focusing on the people in my path and the places they are destined to. I want to help the needy children and families, and I want to be able to share a smile with people who rarely crack one. If I could reverse the outlook of even one person's life, I would be so very happy.

...and I digress. Here are some things that have made me incredibly happy these days:

-Fruit snacks. More specifically, fruit smiles! It's the little things in life. Yummm
-Answered prayer. God provides for my financial needs at the exact time that I need it, and He can provide in abundance. How thankful I am for that!
-My super cool boyfriend. I know that yesterday was Valentine's Day and you're probably tired of hearing the mushy stuff, but V-Day wasn't too much different from any other date I've spent with him- he constantly treats me way better than I deserve, no matter what the occasion, and I always feel way blessed to be led by such a godly man!
-My major. I have been stretched past my limits by learning to teach elementary students, and it is already so rewarding.
-Dave Barnes is coming to BG tonight! It's alright that I've already seen him live 3 times, no big deal. We're pals.
-I'm a terrible dancer, but Zumba adds a little happy place to my heart of mixed emotions over working out. I. Love. It.
-Giving sacrificially. I'm not saying this out of pride, because I still feel I have a looooong way to go before I really understand what this looks like in my life. But I have tried it more often recently, and it has really given me inexpressible joy! I can't even begin to describe to you how it feels to give past my means so others may love Christ better. I want to be better at it, but the Lord has begun to show me that my time and my "stuff" really don't matter that much... and it's all for His glory, anyway. So I encourage you- just try giving sacrificially (of something you really love or hold dearly)!

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