Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Love and Separation

This is how it goes- this separation thing.
Yesterday, together
Today, apart
For some, it was seen from the beginning-
a dreaded future thing.

Unspoken or announced,

The end will always bring

Exactly what was expected- life-altering change.

For others, it is sudden-

Surprising or unknown.

And up until this point,

The love for one another had not been shown

At its full capacity- but it was revealed

Through painful tears and choking sighs

As the void between became so real.

But it’s too late now.

Why love, when it’s separation we fear?

Why love, if impending heartache is near?

Why love, if the end result

Will be an endless “I Miss You” and tears?

Love is a risk- a lofty one, too.

But on this side of heaven,

It will always be true

That we cannot control it all-

So why live with caution?

“Live to the hilt” without any precautions

And love today as if tomorrow you’ll fall;

For risk-taking love triumphs

Though separation may call.

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