Sunday, May 8, 2011

9 days and blessed

I'm taking a quick break from packing and studying to say, in the least cliche way possible, how much I have seen the Lord blessing me today.

I didn't ask to be showered with so many prayers, sweet wishes, gifts, or excitement from others in regards to our trip to Niger. In fact, from the beginning of this journey I was pretty set on getting to the desert by my own abilities and powers- working hard, praying hard, and looking ahead with focus. How prideful is that?!?! I felt that the Lord would provide, and I really felt that conviction deep down, but ultimately I felt that He would provide independently of any other person.

...and wow, was I wrong.

He has provided through so many sweet, sweet people- some whom I have only spoken a few words to! Whether it be through words or baby wipes, the Lord has shown how much He delights to provide for His children. I have been lifted up in so many ways, expecting the Lord to teach me great things and work miraculous things through the Songhai people this summer. With only 9 days left until we jet out of the country, I am waiting with an expectant ear for what He is trying to teach me even now. He truly has provided more than I could ever ask for or imagine, and I have confidence that this work will not be in vain- if anything else, I have learned an incredible amount about God by just taking the journey to getting on the plane!

I'm thankful for seeing dear mission-minded friends playing out their faith. They put into action the commandments of Christ by encompassing 2 important aspects of the "Pray, Give, Go" mantra- faithfully praying for the lost who have no access to the Gospel, and generously giving so that others may go. When a 15-year-old gives me $50 for the trip or a mom gives me enough food to last the summer, I know and understand that praying & giving are just as important as going. So, when I am not preparing for a summer trip, what am I doing to spread Christ out to the nations? How am I praying and giving? I have been challenged because of the sweet examples of such wonderful friends!

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