Friday, May 20, 2011

Finally here!

It took us an entire year of planning, but now Erin and I are finally here in Niger!!! We've basically spent the last 2 days eating, sleeping, and learning to beat the heat. We've met the super great Songhai team and some wonderful African people. I'm on my way to learning a teensy bit of French and a small amount of Zarma, which will hopefully be just the basis for a bunch of language learning next week!

As for this coming week, we have a great week planned with a team from Living Hope in Boubon. This week will be great for Erin and I, as we get to know the women & children before we go to actually live in the village. Once the team leaves next week, we (E and I) will begin a full week of language learning. After that, we will officially move out to Boubon to begin our time there attempting to share the Gospel with the Songhai people and paving the way for a long-term missionary family to move in!

As for prayer, see the Africa tab :) We already have lots going on that needs a HUGE amount of prayer for!!!

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