Sunday, May 22, 2011

"Help us understand"

I am so thrilled to have finally been introduced to our new home in Boubon! The LH team spent an entire day out at the village getting a feel for the town and sharing the Gospel with the precious people. While sharing with a group of women, a common response was "we will pray to God that He will help us understand this story." Each time I heard that, my heart melted. The best thing I can ask from you is that you will pray for their eyes to be opened and their hearts to be drawn to Jesus! We cannot do anything, on our own, to make these people believe. Satan has such a firm grip on their hearts that they cannot even understand the words we have clearly spoken to them. Only the Holy Spirit can do a work in their hearts- we cannot!

A prayer request from their own mouths- pray for understanding. As Romans 10:14-15 declares, they can believe in the one they have heard of, but how can they understand unless God unveils their clouded eyes?

Also, they gave me an African name- "Fati" (fah-tee)... kinda like "fatty" with an African accent. I don't think I'll carry this particular cultural difference over to the US of A!

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